At IVA-COMM, we combine our business process reengineering skills with our passion for our customers’ missions to deliver agile software development, database management, and systems integration services. IVA Communications, LLC (IVA-COMM) is committed to provide quality professional service to our clients in the ever-expanding technology industry. We continuously strive to secure and foster long-term business relationship with our clients.IVA-COMM was formed by individuals with extensive experience in Management, Broadband, Telecommunications and Information Technology. As such, IVA has developed key methods to deliver valuable and effective solutions in all aspects of the Network Infrastructure.

Field Fulfillment Objectives

IVA’s field fulfillment objective is to continually provide value to our customers through our services. This will give companies a reason for partnering with us by establishing strategic business partnerships and preferred vendor relationships. IVA has a strong presence in the telecommunications, security and cable television industry. As a result, we have a consistent approach to servicing our clients within said industries. As such, our ultimate goal is to establish long-term working relationship with companies that use our services.

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IVA focuses on maintaining high standards through customer service and quality assurance. The integrity of the company has been based on the quality of work performed by our certified technicians. As a result, IVA is committed to become the best-managed and highest quality provider of technical services among telecommunications contracting firms.

We understand that the success of any company is based on the experience, attitude and knowledge of the employees. Therefore, we not only encourage our employees, but we offer incentives for them to continue improving their skills. This undoubtedly makes IVA a much better company in the long run.