Telkonet SmartEnergy

Take care of your energy costs with Telkonet SmartEnergy? an effective, efficient approach to energy management.

Telkonet SmartEnergy reduces energy consumption by eleminating unnecessary heating and cooling of unoccupied rooms.  With its patented recovery time technology, a room’s temperature quickly returns back to the guest’s setting when it is occupied again, ensure guest comfort.

Telkonet SmartEnergy Application Note
Telkonet SmartEnergy White Paper

Telkonet SmartEnergy Benefits

Reduces energy usage by up to 30%
Efficient heating and cooling of rooms
Ensures hotel guest comfort
Achieves maximum savings per room
Lower operating and repair costs for HVAC units
Reduced wear and tear on HVAC units
Eligibility for rebates


Telkonet SmartEnergy can reduce energy usage by up to 30% by autmatically adjusting a room’s temperature