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IVA-COMM brings together some of the best business and technology professionals to offer new and advanced technologies to maximize development and deployment of IT Projects. IVA Communications, LLC (IVA-COMM) was established in 1999 to provide Telecommunications and Information Technology services and solutions to Government agencies, Non-Profit organizations, and commercial clients due to the huge advancements in technological innovations and the resulted demand in the investments.Our expertise spans the full range of Information Technology,  including; Enterprise Application Development, IT Modernization, System Engineering, SOA Consulting, Network Support, Technical Writing, and Web Design and Development. Over the past Twelve years, IVA-COMM has blossomed from a small software development shop with only a handful of employees and a small list of customers into a mature, successful technology consulting firm with an extensive and diverse of very satisfied clients.We put great emphasis on assembling a strong technical team, with the skills and industry knowledge to excel at every assignment we undertake. Our proficiency for structuring cross functional and integrated business and technology teams enables us to solve complex organizational problems.

And Since our founding, we have always believed that the best way to grow a business is to provide to our clients an excellent level of customer service. We consider our clients more as partners with whom we are trying to reach a mutually defined goal. We strive to understand their project goals and objectives and recommend solutions that can best address the challenges they are facing in the short, medium, and long term. And these commitments to excellence, working relationships with our clients, and our ever expanding technological knowledge eminent us apart from others.  And we always make sure that all of our employees are always very committed to all our Business Objectives.