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Software Development and Integration

Government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and private companies are constantly investing in their Information Technology infrastructures and applications to conduct their business needs to stay abreast to the ever evolving software and hardware developments. Building an enterprise-scale application to meet the demands of your end users can be a challenging task. Fortunately, over the past decade, several companies, such as IBM, Oracle, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Apple, Microsoft and other industry leaders have developed a great deal of technologies and standards that have enabled heterogeneous computing environments to process and share information over their network.

IVA-COMM maximizes your organization’s efficiency by enhancing your mission critical systems with our understanding of enterprise software design and development. We have expertise and experience in building enterprise applications using both J2EE and .NET technologies.Individual projects range from general web application design and development to enterprise-scale database driven projects and next generation business intelligence systems. Our solution will integrate your businesses, departments, or applications together seamlessly, quickly and cost-effectively.   

I.    Enterprise Application Development

As organizations are becoming increasingly dispersed, the ability to integrate applications across the enterprise is of the utmost importance. Sharing services and reducing reliance on “stovepipe” systems can lead to real gains in IT efficiency. As various business units within an enterprise begin to have more like departments and business functions, the need for enterprise software deployment is only heightened. Relying on a an enterprise solution, the outputs of one group can quickly become the inputs of another; users can build upon each others’ work across departments, and an increased level of productivity is likely to be realized throughout your agency.

IVA-COMM has experience assisting some of the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced Federal agencies meet their enterprise application development needs. We have developed and analyzed architectural topologies leading to several hundred million dollar procurements, developed real-time market room applications for asset valuation that are deployed across the enterprise, and integrated custom-tailored data collection services accessible by users in offices throughout the world.

Our first goal before beginning any application development initiative is to understand your business functions and needs of a particular piece of software. We do not want to develop an application only to then ask you and your team to retrofit your business processes to it. Further, when deploying an application across the enterprise, we need to have a firm understanding of your as-is environment to ensure integration is seamless and effective. Once this has been achieved, it is our preference to replicate as much of your environment as possible on our corporate test and development servers. By doing the bulk of the development work off-site in our own “sand box” so to speak, we are able to lessen the burden on your developers and allow them to continue with their day to day work.

Once development and test has concluded, we will provide a demonstration to upper management and any additional project stakeholders to ensure the application meets the desired criteria. Upon acceptance, we will work with your development/integration team(s) (where available) to deploy the new application into your environment and will begin the process of training your end users on how to access and work with the new product.

II.    Web Design and Development

Whether your business group requires consulting services centered on the look and feel of your company’s homepage; implementation of a new intranet; or advice as to how to incorporating social media can get you closer to satisfying your business objectives, Web Design and Development support is becoming more and more crucial to our clients.

The goal of nearly all web design projects is to enhance the online experience for end users. Our web development approach satisfies this goal by merging usability and functionality with visually appealing layouts and design. As the internet continues to evolve, designers and developers need to be up to date on the latest in collaborative, Social Media, and Web technologies.

Maintaining a highly functional, highly attractive website says a lot about a company as your website will often serve as a basis for your end user’s first impressions of your company or agency. A business group with a highly functional, state of the art website sends one type of message to users, whereas an organization with an outdated, limited website sends another.

Web design and development has been a cornerstone of IVA-COMM’s service offerings since its inception. Our development team has the ability to design your organization’s website, complete with the latest in Web technology. We can save you money by creating the site architecture, designing the page layout, developing the required code, and even hosting and standing the web-site up on our server, if desired.

     III.    Unbiased Verification and Validation from an Independent Reviewer

It is natural to be excited when rolling out any new software, application, system, etc. This excitement, however, can lead an organization to skipping a very critical step in delivering new services to their end users. The process of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is an often overlooked step by companies and organizations that are overly eager to rollout their new software releases.

Many times, a service provider will be brought in to supply an agency with an upgraded software solution. The government agency sinks hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars into the new software and, when the product is about to be rolled out, stakeholders realize that it does not have the functionality as was first intended.

The process of independently verifying and validating a product requires consulting with a disinterested third party to ensure that a deliverable fulfills its intended purpose. Building in funds for quality assurance checks such as IV&V throughout the development process will ultimately save your agency money in the long run.

IVA-COMM Solutions has experience acting as a third party evaluator of various IT software solutions and strategies. We review the specifications of your project, and incorporate a disciplined IV&V methodology to perform thorough inspections throughout the analysis, design and development stages. These inspections – leading to early corrections – can significantly increase the product quality (reliability, usability and maintainability).

IV.    IT Strategy & ModernizationProviding IT Strategy Consulting to the government’s mission-critical agencies.

The rapidly evolving nature of information technology (IT) requires that government agencies and private corporations consistently reevaluate the ways in which they can make technology work for them. Modernizing technology and organizational business processes involves integrating thousands of hardware and software components and replacing outdated technology, all the while maintaining the client’s business operations with minimal disruption. We provide guidance in the development of an integrated portfolio of information technology investments.

We can help you achieve success in addressing these crucial challenges by managing the inherent risks of modernization and delivering a level of service that your clients expect. Whatever improvement you are looking for, whether you want to transition from paper-based manual processes to an automated electronic process, consolidate technology investments, or you are simply just striving for greater organizational efficiency, we can accelerate the process of achieving your goals!

Our clients rely on IVA-COMM to find and manage the best technical resources to achieve organizational goals. Our SMEs can examine your current business processes, identify outdated resources (technology and processes), remove unnecessary or outdated processes, and develop a “To Be” model which makes greater use of automation. We assess and document the overall strategy for realizing the vision and goals.